Blue-Winged Teal

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ADULT MALE Has bluish head with diagnostic white crescent. Body is buffy brownish, marbled with dark spots; white patch contrasts with otherwise black vent.
ADULT FEMALE Marbled brown with pale spot at base of bill, dark eyestripe, and white "eyelids."
JUVENILE Similar to adult female, but lacks strong facial markings.

Length: 14-16"

Small, distinctive duck. Feeds by dabbling in well-vegetated shallows. Male is unmistakable; female is similar to female Cinnamon Teal, which has larger bill, gently sloping forehead and uniformly brown head.

In flight, all birds reveal blue panel on leading edge of upper inner wing, separated from speculum (green in male) by white wedge

Female Green-winged has smaller bill and different wing markings.