Canada Goose

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ADULT Has black head and neck, and white cheek. Bill and legs are black. Typical birds have gray-brown body plumage, except for white vent and pale breast. Nesters from Alaska and British Columbia ("Dusky" Canada Goose) have uniformly dark reddish brown body plumage, except for white vent. Arctic and boreal nesters are typically smaller than subspecies breeding further south.
JUVENILE Similar to adult.

Length: 35-45"

Familiar honking.

North America's most familiar goose. Several subspecies, separable by size and proportions, are recognized; Confusingly, intermediate sized geese exist between Canada Goose subspecies and Cackling Goose (formerly part of Canada Goose species). Large Canada Geese are unmistakable, but smallest subspecies are similar in size to largest subspecies of Cackling Goose! Neck length is a good feature for separation: proportionately longer in Canada Goose races than in Cackling Goose.