Cinnamon Teal

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ADULT MALE Has mainly bright cinnamon-red plumage, darkest on back. Note the beady reddish eye. Eclipse male recalls adult female, but plumage is redder.
ADULT FEMALE Has buffy brown plumage.
JUVENILE Similar to adult female.

Length: 14-17"

Male utters rattling clicks, female utters a soft quack

Slim-looking dabbling duck with a proportionately long bill. Sexes are dissimilar: male's plumage color is unmistakable; female is superficially similar to female Blue-winged Teal, but distinguishable by bill length, uniformly brown head, and association with male. Both sexes show pale underwings in flight and upper-wing markings similar to those of Blue-winged: pale blue panel, white wedge, and greenish speculum. Not particularly gregarious.