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ADULT MALE Has a buffy gray head and neck, with clear separation from the darker gray, finely patterned breast and flanks. Center of belly is white and vent is black, the latter a useful identification feature even at a distance. Note the dark bill and yellow legs. In eclipse plumage, male resembles an adult female.
ADULT FEMALE Has mottled brown plumage with a grayish head. Note the orange-yellowish bill. White speculum can sometimes be glimpsed in feeding birds.
JUVENILE Resembles an adult female.

Length: 18-21"

Male utters a croaking call and female utters a Mallard-like quack

A familiar and rather understated dabbling duck. At a distance, the male's plumage simply looks gray and brown. In flight, both sexes show white in the speculum, emphasized and defined by a black border; the extent of white is greatest in males, which also show chestnut on the inner wing. Sexes are dissimilar in plumage overall.