Green-Winged Teal

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ADULT MALE Has chestnut-orange head with green patch through eye, faintly bordered with yellow. Plumage is otherwise gray and finely marked, except for striking vertical white stripe on side of breast, and black-bordered yellow vent. Bill is dark gray. Eclipse male resembles adult female.
ADULT FEMALE Has rather uniform mottled gray-brown plumage; green speculum is sometimes glimpsed in feeding birds. Bill is mainly gray, but with hint of yellow at base.
JUVENILE Similar to adult female, but plumage is lighter buff.

Length: 12-16"

Male utters a ringing whistle, while female utters a soft quack.

Tiny dabbling duck. Gregarious outside breeding season. Typically nervous and takes flight-rising almost vertically from the water's surface-at slightest sign of danger. In flight, both sexes show a green speculum, highlighted by white borders. Sexes are otherwise dissimilar. Feeds on aquatic vegetation and, in summer, invertebrates too.