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ADULT MALE Has yellow bill and green, shiny head and upper neck that are separated from chestnut breast by striking white collar. Underparts are gray-brown, except for black vent and white tail. Back is gray-brown, grading to a more reddish brown. Legs and feet are orange. In eclipse plumage, male resembles an adult female, but note yellow bill color and well-defined reddish brown breast.
ADULT FEMALE Has orange-brown bill and mottled brown plumage. Legs and feet are dull orange-yellow.
JUVENILE Similar to adult female

Length: 18-27"

Male utters range of whistles and nasal calls. Female utters familiar quacking calls.

Feeds mainly on aquatic vegetation, and some invertebrates, by dabbling and, if necessary, upending in shallows. In flight, both sexes show a white-bordered blue speculum. Sexes are dissimilar: male has colorful elements to its plumage, while female's subdued brown coloration affords it excellent camouflage when nesting.