Merganser, Common

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ADULT MALE Unmistakable, with bright red-orange bill, glossy green head (looks dark in poor light), white body, and black back. Close view reveals pink wash on white breast and underparts. Eclipse male resembles adult female, although white wing pattern is retained.
ADULT FEMALE Orange-red head and neck with shaggy crest and well defined white throat. Body plumage is grayish, palest on breast. Note the reddish orange bill.
JUVENILE Resembles adult female, but with duller colors.

Length: 22-27"

Male utters ringing display calls. Otherwise silent

Large, slender-bodied, and elegant diving duck that swims with a stately posture. Dives frequently for fish and invertebrates. In flight, upper surface of male's inner wing is white, except for narrow black line; in female, white is restricted to trailing edge.