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ADULT MALE Has chocolate brown head and nape, with white breast extending as stripe up side of head. Plumage is otherwise gray and finely marked, but note cream and black vent, and long, pointed tail, often held at an angle. Eclipse male resembles adult female, but retains pattern and colors on wings.
ADULT FEMALE Has mottled buffish brown plumage.
JUVENILE Similar to adult female, but complex feather markings are less well developed

Length: Male, 25-29" ; female, 21-23"

Male utters a whistling call; female's call is grating and harsh

Feeds on aquatic plants by dabbling and upending; also feeds on land. Male is unmistakable; even rather drab female has distinctive, elongated appearance with pointed rear end.  Looks long-winged in flight; male's gray wings and green speculum (with white trailing edge) are striking; female's white trailing edge on inner wing is obvious. Sexes are dissimilar in other respects.