Ross's Goose / Snow Goose

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ADULT WHITE MORPH Has white plumage, except for black primaries. Bill and legs are pink.
JUVENILE WHITE MORPH Similar to adult, but with slightly dirty-looking plumage
ADULT blue MORPH Mainly dark blue-gray, except for white on face, underparts, and vent. Bill and legs are pink.
JUVENILE blue MORPH Similar to adult.

Length: Ross's 24" ; Snow 25-31"

Ross's: Utters a soft, squeaking keek-keek
Snow: Utters a barking, honking whook

Ross's: Superficially similar to Snow Goose with which it is more often observed, but appreciably smaller, with a more dainty bill. Occurs in two color forms: white morph is by far the commoner; blue morph is rare. Sexes are similar. Feeds by grazing vegetation. In flight, wingbeats are noticeably more rapid than in other, larger geese.

Snow: Also occurs in two distinct light and dark (blue) color morphs; blue morph was formerly considered a separate species, "Blue Goose." Both morphs are distinctive and confusion is only really possible with appreciably smaller Ross's Goose, or white, domesticated form of Graylag Goose. Sexes are similar. Feeds by grazing vegetation. Long-distance flights usually undertaken in V-formation.