Ruddy Duck

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ADULT MALE In breeding plumage, has orange-chestnut body plumage, white cheeks, black cap and nape, and bright blue bill. Note also the small white vent. Outside breeding season, body plumage is gray-brown and bill is more dull grayish.
ADULT FEMALE Gray-brown plumage, with paler cheeks that are broken by dark line from base of bill; bill is dull blue-gray, similar to that seen in winter male

Length: 14-16"

Mostly silent.

 Small diving duck that feeds on aquatic invertebrates and submerged roots and seeds. Rarely flies more than 5'-10' above water. Both sexes regularly cock their spiky-looking tails.  In winter, all birds could perhaps be confused with a small grebe, but Ruddy Duck's proportionately large bill easily dispels confusion.