White-fronted (Specklebelly) Goose

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ADULT Has gray-brown plumage. All birds show variable black barring on underparts, and white vent, which extends as white line to flanks. Legs are orange and bill is pinkish orange. White on forehead is more extensive in tundra birds than taiga ones. In flight, all birds show white on upper tail.
JUVENILE Similar to adult, but lacks white on forehead and dark markings on underparts.

Length: 27-30"

Utters musical barking calls, especially in flight

Bulky goose. Adult has diagnostic white "blaze" on forehead. Several subspecies are recognized, but plumage variability often makes precise identification difficult. Broadly speaking, there are two extremes: pale tundra-breeding forms and darker taiga-breeding birds; they usually occur in separate populations in winter. So-called "Tule Goose" is a particularly dark taiga form. Sexes are similar. All White-fronts fly in V-formation on migration and in winter. Feed by grazing vegetation, particularly grasses in winter.